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Located in Huangpi Nanlu and Taicang Lu, XIntiandi, a shopping, dining and entertainment area, is a massive creation meant to fuse old Shanghai with the future one. Set along winding lanes, the Xintiandi complex includes restaurants, bars and shops that are housed in old renovated alley homes completed with red brick, stone facades and terracotta roofs. Young Chinese and foreign expatriates like to go there to look fashionable and imbibe the latest Western and Asian food and entertainment.

When people walk into the lanes of Shikumen buildings in Xintiandi, they may feel like walking on the same gray flagstones and seeing the same red and black bricks, lacquered doors and Baroque doorframes as those who walked there generations and generations before them. Visitors will feel as if they were brought back half a century ago, though once they step into Shikumen building, the sight of the new is sure to astound them. The air of international cuisines, the eclectic offering among shops and boutiques, the endless first –rate service and the sublime beauty attached to every modern and historical detail of the compound, all reflect the dynamic fashion and character of Xintiandi. There is a Shikumen museum as well which showcase the interiors of a typical lane house.

Shanghai Xintiandi is where “yesterday meets tomorrow in Shanghai today.”