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The Galley of International Buildings in the Bund

The Galley of International Buildings in the Bund
Blocks of 100-year0old western buildings in the Bund are the deepest and most glamorous imprint of old Shanghai. The bund, namely, the bank of Huangpu River, was a track road tracked by boatmen and sloggers. More than 150 years ago, when western powers set foot on this golden port of the Far East one after the other, the Bund got in their sight. They went n for large-scale construction and built diverse architectural styles at this valuable land: Gothic, Baroque, and Romanesque, to name just a few. These buildings are witness of both history and the western culture spreading.

Starting north from Waibaidu Bridge at Suzhou Creek and south to Jinling Donglu, the Gallery of International Buildings in the Bund stretches as long as 1,500 meters. These buildings include the former British Consulate, the Customs House, the former Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, the Peace Hotel (one of Asia’s Art Deco masterpieces and a favorite of Noel Coward’s) and the Bank of China, etc.

Though these old building were designed by different architects in different eras, they were basically unified in the traditional continental style. Whether you see as far as you can, or wander about there, you will be impressed that old Shanghai learned from west at every turn and try to reveal its distinguished grace and richness to the utmost.

In the past, bosses and clerks with coat and tie from foreign firms were in and out these buildings all days. Nowadays, they are not only the office buildings of the white-collars, but also a good place to enjoy the scenery for the common people.