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Shanghai Wildlife Park

Shanghai Wildlife Park
Address: 178 Nanliukou Road
Telephone: 021-58036000
Ticket: 100RMB
Transportation: Bus Changye Line, Wanye Line, Hunan Line, Tour Bus 2,
Opening Hours: 8AM-5PM

Shanghai Wildlife Park is the first of its kind being built in China. Located in Sanzhao Town of Nanhui District, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, the park is 35km from Shanghai downtown and covers an area of 2 square kilometers. Compared with the heavy traffic in downtown, this park is the paradise of kids indeed.

There are herbivore zone, free zone, aquatic bird lake, birds’ zone, animal kindergarten, pet monkey park, rare animal park, animal performance zone, sea lion performance zone and other spots in the Park.

More than 200 kids of rare animals, such as giraffe, zebra, white rhinocero, hunting leopard that are from abroad, giant panda, snub-nosed monkey, south China tiger, asian elephant and other domestic rare animal lived here.

The park is roughly divided into two parts: bus area and walk area. In the walk area, visitors can get close to many gentle animas. It is really a heaven for Kids. They are usually seen lying on the lawn, sitting on the benches, and clinging to the guardrails with ecstasy and happiness. And sometimes visitors may burst into laughter and applause when they watching big animals’ performance.

Upon entering the bus area, you will see the free zone after the heavy Iron Gate opens, as if you’ve entered the Jurassic park caged up. Animals seem to become the dominator of this land. They stroll idly and get in the way so often that the bus has to stop now and then for the walking nobles.