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Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Museum is China’s foremost showcase of artifacts and relics, State-of-the art galleries house paintings, sculptures, ceramics, calligraphy, jade, Ming and Qing furniture and coins, of which, the collection of bronzes is among the best in the world. Each gallery shows the development of the individual art forms over centuries. Information is well presented in English, Chinese and Japanese, and the audio guide is highly informative as well.

As a national art museum, Shanghai Museum contains more than 120,000 Chinese cultural relics from the Old stone Age to modern times, including bronzeware, callingraphy, paintings, pottery, porcelain, jadeware, stone carvings, Jiaguwen (inscriptions on tortoise shells or animal bones of the Shang Dynasty), imperial seals, ancient coins, silk embroidery, dyed fabrics, ivory sculptures, ethnic crafts, as well as the relics unearthed in Shanghai.

Gallery of Chinese Ancient Bronze More than 400 pieces of exquisite bronzes are shown, providing and overall prespective of bronze art in ancient China.

Gallery of Chinese Ancient Ceramics More than 500 fine specimens are shown, including painted and gray pottery of the Neolithic Period, prototype celadon of the Shang, Zhou, the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods, fine celadon of the Eastern Han and famous polychrome-glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty. Throughout the Yuan, the Ming and the Qing Dynasties, Jingdezhen was the center of porcelain production and its exquisite products became well-known all over the world.

Gallery of Chinese Paintings Chinese paintings have a long tradition and a unique style. Taking a form of traditional Chinese architecture, the gallery is arranged into long corridor-like showcases with large panels of glass, upturned eaves and low banisters. More than 120 masterpieces ranging from the Tang Dynasty to the present are shown within the space of 1,200 square meters.

Gallery of Chinese Calligraphy Based on Chinese calligraphy achievements of previous periods, the masterpieces of different periods are displayed chronologically to reveal a developmental trajectory of Chinese calligraphy. Perfect combination of showcases, sensitive illumination and exhibits makes this gallery full of brilliant taste of calligraphic art.

Gallery of Chinese Ancient Sculpture This special design and arrangement will give audience a true feeling of walking in grottos or temples. The exhibits, dating from the Warring States Period to the Ming Dynasty, reveal artistic styles of Chinese sculpture in different periods. The most attractive sculptures are Buddha statues.

Gallery of Chinese Ancient Jade Long held the reputation of “the Country of Jade” around the world, China has a 7,000-year-old history of jade production. Using specially designed stands and fiber optics for illumination, the exhibits provide audience a sparkling and smooth appearance. Even the details of fine design are perfectly exposed. The exhibits reveal elegant jade culture and its consummate skill in ancient China.

Gallery of Chinese Coins China is among the earliest countries in the world to use coins. More than 7,000 specimens show the historical development of ancient cons and economic exchange between ancient China and foreign countries. In addition, there is a special showroom for ancient central-Asian coins from Silk Road, which were generously donated by Mr. and Ms. Roger and Linda Doo.

Chinese Ming and Qing Furniture Gallery Classical Chinese furniture reached its climax during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Although furniture between the Ming and the Qing dynasties differed apparently in style, both of them are artistically successful. Among more than 100 pieces of furniture, there are the Ming furniture that were simply in style but elegantly prepared and the Qing furniture that were imposingly produced and elaborately decorated.

Gallery of Chinese Seals This is the first gallery specifically designed for displaying Chinese seals in the world. More than 500 masterpieces between the Western Zhou and the Qing Dynasty are selected from the collection over 10 thousand pieces in Shanghai Museum. The display fully illustrates a long history of Chinese seals and diversified styles in different historical periods.

Chinese Minority Nationalities’ Art Gallery More than 600 handcrafts are shown in this 700 square meters gallery, including costumes, textiles, embroideries, metalwares, sculpture, pottery, lacquer wares, cane and bamboo plaited vessels as well as wooden masks.