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Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World

Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World
Address: Gate 4, Changfeng Park, 451 Daduhe Lu, Putuo
Telephone: 021-62862642
Ticket: 110RMB
Transportation: Taxi is your best choice
Opening Hours: 9AM-5PM

Shanghai Chang Feng Ocean World is located inside Chang Feng Park. It consists of two parts, the Whale Show stadium and the aquarium.

The Whale Show Stadium was opened on 28 April 2004 to public which is the first Whale show stadium in East China. It includes a performance pool, 4 quarantine pools and 2 domestication pools. To ensure the best angle of fish watching, the performance pool was designed like a fan, which has capacity of 2000 peoples simultaneously. The two main “stars” of stadium two lovely belugas are come from Russia. They are called Jun Jun and Wei Wei. Beluga show is the only polar mammal show in Eastern China. Another six lovely sea lions are come from US. Under the strict instruction, they can perform lots of motions, such as clapping hands, washing face, bowing and even play basketball with audience.

The Aquarium is located beneath an ornamental lake in Chang Feng Park and was opened in 1999 at a cost in excess of US$ 20m, which showcases the incredible creatures that inhabit the Pacific Ocean and Amazon River.