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Shanghai Arboretum

Shanghai Arboretum
Opening Hours: 7AM-5:30PM
Ticket: 15RMB
Transportation: Bus 56,131,714,720,820,824, Line 3(shilong staition)
Address: No.1111, Wulong Road

Shanghai Arboretum, opened in April, 1974, covering an area of 81 hectare. It is divided into areas of plant evolution, environment protection, potted landscape, herbs, greenhouse for exhibition, orchid, model landscaping and plant hall. Among them, potted landscape covers an area of 3.3 hectare. The orchid house is a newly developed exhibition house. Covering 1.11 hectare, it consists of small bridges, flowing water, ponds, waterfalls, rockeries. It is the best place for visitors to refresh themselves. Nowadays, the orchid house collects more than 300 kinds of precious orchids presented by famous general Zhang Xueliang and friendly personages of Japan. The orchid house is divided into three areas: potted landscape for exhibition, nature exhibition, courtyard exhibition. In addition, the orchid greenhouse for exhibition is firstly built.