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OId Style Garden Houses

OId Style Garden Houses
In additional to Shanghai’s high-rises, many quiet and elegant garden houses may also be astonishing.

Shanghai’s garden houses, as an accommodation for the higher class, began to rise at the same time as the emergence of foreign concessions, the invasion of western colonialists and advancement of social economy. The garden houses were seen in its heyday when the new rich, artists and social elite of China followed the suit in building such houses since 1920.

Most of the earlier garden houses were built on the western bank of Huangpu River and along Kunshan Road in Hongkou District. They were usually seen with flourishing trees and lovely lawns and some luxurious ones were even equipped with tennis courts and swimming pools. Later, with the westward expansion of foreign concessions, a great many of which were scattered in Xuhui and Changning Districts along Wukang, Hengshan, Yueyang, Hunan, Yongjia, Hongqiao and West Fuxin Roads. Of all the detached garden houses, with a total floor space of 160,000 square meters, thirty-nine percent are in Changning District, nine percent in Luwan Distrct and the remaining twenty-three percent in other districts, according to statistics.

Collection of Old Style Garden Houses
Si Nan Road: Si Nan Road old style garden houses are famous in Shanghai.
Ma Le Garden: Corner of Middle Yan’an and North Shan xi Road, built in 1936.
Ding Xiang Garden: No.849 Hua Shang Road, built in 19 century
Song Jia Garden: No.369, North Shan xi Road, built in 1908.
Ai Lu: No.9, Dong Ping Road
Aidingbao Department: No.195, Chang De Road.