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Nanjing Road

nanjing road
The Nanjing Road is the most busiest and luxuriant commercial street in Shanghai. There are thousands of stores located on both sides of the road, such as, New World Commercial Building, Boutique World, Fashion Company, Food Company etc. You can also find many well-famous featured stores here, for instance, Hongxiang Ladies Apparel, Renli Fashion, Peloman, Hensen's Suit, Bobu Leather Shoes, Zhangxiaoquan’ Scissors and so on. You can enjoy delicious food and comfortable environment here as there are many restaurants, hotels on the road. It is convenient especially for those visitors from all over the world. If you arrived here in the evening, you’ll be shocked by this pretty and appealing night piece. The whole street will be decorated by technicolored neon and give you a visual feast.