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Longhua Temple

Longhua Temple
Longhua Temple was built during the Song Dynasty, the current Longhua Temple was established during the Gangxu period of the Qing Dynaty. Long hua temple is the oldest and largest temple in the Shanghai area.

The temple kept its original Song Dynasty Chan Buddhist appearance, however and in terms of architectural design, the temple is a relatively complete complex. It contains Buddhist scriptures and magnificent statues from the Tang, Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Longhua Temple is dedicated to the Maitreya Buddha and holds two important Buddha statues. In the Hall of Heavenly Kings, stands a statue of Maitreya Buddha's Bodhisattva form, while in the Maitreya Hall is a statue of Maitreya Buddha's incarnation known as the "Cloth bag monk". The secondary statues in Longhua Temple are also different from other temples.

In other Buddhist temples on the two sides of a hall are either 18 arhats (monks), who preach Buddhism or 20 "guardians of Buddhist Law" (heavenly beings). However, in the Halls of Longhua Temple, the arhats and "law guardians" stand together.

In the front of the temple sits Longhua Pagoda. Said to have been built in 249 A.D, Longhua Pagoda is a 7 tier octagonal brick tower with a total height of 40.4 meters. This magnificent and graceful pagoda is one of the best preserved pagodas in the Shanghai area.