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Jinjiang Park

Jinjiang Park
Address: 201 hongmei road
Telephone: 021-64364956
Ticket: 90RMB includes 6 items, 50RMB includes 2 items
Transportation: Metro 1(Jinjiang Park Station)
Opening Hours: 8:45AM-5PM
Summer Opening Hours: 8:45AM-10PM

Jingjiang Park is a large amusement park in downtown shanghai which was founded in 1984. It is located in Meilong district southwest shanghai, Meilong a booming district which is becoming more prosperous. it’s also the hub of transportation of shanghai. Metro line one, huhangyong expressway and huhang railway reach the park directly.

Jingjiang Park now has more than 30 amusement projects of big or medium size, which mix amusement, arts and natural scenery together and for the entertainment of tourists. 18 of them are brought in from abroad which demonstrates the advanced level of the park. In order to meet the growing culture and exercise needs of tourists from home and abroad, new items are being added continually in recent years, such as “happy world”, “gorge rafting” and “expenditure shuttle”, etc.

Jingjiang Park expanding into an all-weather service amusement city offering indoor and outdoor entertainment, music, food and recreation, which will become a major attraction in the night life of southwest shanghai. 

Jingjiang Park is a comprehensive park which combines amusement, restaurants, transportation and hotels and it caters to many thousands of tourists from domestic and abroad every year.