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Yuyuan Bazaar & The Temple of the Town Gods

Yuyuan Bazaar & The Temple of the Town Gods
Yuyuan Garden is a typical classical southern-style garden which is a must-see in Shanghai. Besides, the Yuyuan Bazaar and the Temple of the Town Gods(a Taoist temple) nearby have become the most popular place enjoyed by the tourists from both home and abroad. The Yuyuan Bazaar is famous for its food and delicacies, as well as for the assorted selections of light products, specialties, and local handicrafts

Today’s Yuyuan Bazaar, which is composed of specialty stores selling traditional Chinese arts and crafts, medicines and souvenirs, differs from the large stores. The street in the area are 3.4~4.5 meters wide on the average which are for pedestrians only. The buildings are characterized by their ancient Chinese architectural style. There are over a hundred small stores standing side by side, beautifully laid with a large collection of commodities, each with its own unique feature.

Twenty-one specialty shops on the small commodities street in Yuyuan Bazaar are unique, making the area” The Kingdom of Small Commodities”. A number of well-known shops in China come out of the former Temple Market over the last century or more. These shops have become the elite of the company with their fame, specialties, high quality and novelty such as Wanli Stick Shop, Time-honored Wang Dalong Scissors and Knife Shop.

The bazaar is estimated to receive about 100,000 customers every day and 70 percent of the visitors to Shanghai come to the bazaar.