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Shanghai Old Street

Shanghai Old Street
When looking back to the old days and exploring old Shnaghai, you will be brought by “Shanghai Old Street” through the times-times back to 100 years ago.

What unfold before visitors are the almost extinct trades, like the private banks, shops with mahogany furniture, pawn shops, old-fashioned teahouses, old-fashioned wine shops, and embroidery stores.

Situated in Fangbang ZhongLu, the old street was gathering all the 360 trades of old Shanghai. Once called “Miaoqian Dajie”, there gathered a group of Shanghai’s earliest private banks, gold ships, silverware shops, wine shops, teahouses, theatres and firms.

The rebuilt Shanghai Old Street is divided into the eastern and western sections.

IN the eastern section of the street, the folding screen doors and aluminum windows of many shops are replaced with latticed windows, wooden door-boards and swing-boards and swing –doors, typical decoration of Qing Dynasty residences, owing to the “remodeling and restoration to antique feature” programme. Besides, the part terned drip-pipes, upturned eaves, protruding corner and horse-head walls make visitors feel as if they had gone back to the old days. The western section is mainly laid out with Ming Dynasty imitation building with black tiles and white-washed walls, red pillars and upturned eaves, typical of the architectural style of old towns in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Here you will find rows of antique-featured shops, such as the water pipe store, glutinous dumplings store, roasted nuts shop and teahouses.