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UAE Pavilion

UAE Pavilion
UAE Pavilion’s theme is to tell people about energy utilization in its original ways. The design team of the pavilion is Foster+Partners, while the display team is RAA. Its profile simulates the natural sand dunes at Zone A of the Expo Site.

Inspiration of UAE Pavilion stems from its unique and magnificent natural scenery – legendary steep sand dunes. The magnificent structure and recyclable building materials complement nature.

Its slope rises 20 meters and do you feel the flow of sand when breeze brows? Use your hand to touch it, and you will discover that it’s “magic trick”. Its stainless steel surface presents changing colors. From different angles, it will show different colors. The designer uses this to simulate the light perception of movement of sand dunes.

Stepping into the “Dune”, you will immediately feel the burst of cool at a streams leading to entrance. This is a gift presented to each guest on his arrival.

You will begin to comprehend the courage from the people of the UAE to create life in the desert. They learn from their ancestors about how to shade, how to summer, and how to adapt to the environment and fight with the harsh natural environment.

In Abu Dhabi of the UAE, they are gearing up to build “zero-carbon city” where everything will become a reality. If you want to look at the world’s first “Zero Carbon City”, you can see it earlier in UAE Pavilion.