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Spain Pavilion

Spain Pavilion
Spain unveiled a basket-like design for its national pavilion at World Expo 2010 in Shanghai as the country signed a participation contract with organizers yesterday.

The Spain Pavilion will have a steel structure and a wicker cover. Spanish handcrafters will weave out different patterns by using different colors of wicker, said Benedetta Tagliabue, designer of the pavilion.

The wicker will be covered by a special material that is water-proof. It will also keep the pavilion at a comfortable temperature, said Tagliabue.

With sunshine penetrating through the wicker, visitors will be able to enjoy a nice walk in the open air, the designer said.

"Spain has a very long history in making wicker-weaving products. We know that China has that kind of handicraft too. So we thought this was something we had in common," said Tagliabue.

Also, the pavilion of course is very strong, she said. The designers have considered the possibility of bad weather during the Expo period such as typhoons or the summer Plum Rain season, said Tagliabue.

The Spanish government is going to invest 1.8 million euros (US$2.6 million) in the pavilion, said Javier Conde de Saro, Spain's commissioner general for World Expo Shanghai.

The pavilion, with a total floor area of 8,500 square meters, will have both open squares for cultural performances and an indoor area for exhibitions and cafeterias.

Conde de Saro said Spanish organizers may bring unique Spanish cultural events to the Expo, possibly flamenco dancing, and hopefully the performance venue will not be limited to the Spanish pavilion.

Spain is the fourth country to unveil its national pavilion design. Britain, Switzerland and Luxembourg are the others.