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Poland Pavilion

Poland Pavilion
Poland has unveiled the architectural design for its national pavilion in World Expo Shanghai 2010, presenting a geometrical structure covered with paper-cutting pattern.

The design of the 3,000-square-meter Poland Pavilion is the winning entry chosen from 20 candidates in the designing competition.

"We've tried to analyze the functional qualities of the pavilion designs, primarily the aesthetics, the concept and color," said Anna Kaminska, commissioner general of the Polish section.

During daytime, the exhibition hall will be filled with light filtering through paper-cutting patterns. And at night, the pavilion will shine with different colors.

An extending roof of the pavilion will create an open-air restaurant and a shelter to shadow the visitors queuing outside the pavilion.

The exhibition area will be divided into several sections for small expositions, concerts and shops.

Poland signed the participation contract with the Expo organizers last November and said it will showcase a theme mainly focuses on their famous composer Frederic Chopin.

"Chopin is more than a composer, he represents the nature of the Polish nation, but we will have a very modern interpretation on his masterpieces," said Kaminska.