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Nepal Pavilion

Nepal Pavilion
Nepal Pavilion is located at Zone B of Expo site, and covers an area of 3600 square meters, adjacent to China Pavilion and Expo Performance Center. It imitates the architectural style in Nepal Araniko age. A large pagoda as the main body is surrounded by a number of Nepalese houses which represent different features in historical time. Pavilion and garden layout is the outline of Nepalese rolling mountains and valleys and peaceful lakes, rivers and glaciers.

Nepal Pavilion’s theme is "Tales of Katmandu City - Seeking the Soul of a City; Exploration and Speculation.” Nepal Pavilion will show the luster of Katmandu, the capital city of Nepal and an architectural, artistic and cultural center that has developed over 2000 years. The theme touches upon the soul of a city by exploring its past and future. Another highlight of the pavilion will be Nepal's efforts in environmental protection and developing renewable energies.

In 2010 Buddha’s hair or tooth relic will be on display in World Expo, and it will be sent to Shanghai by air. The sarira will be enshrined in the heart of Nepal Pavilion pagoda, at that time visitors can get on the top of the pagoda and see it from top to bottom. The spiral stairs symbolize Buddha’s enlightenment path.

A car or motorcycle rally will run from Lumbini to the Expo site. The rally will bring the "eternal flame of peace" to Shanghai from Nepal.