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Venezuela Pavilion

Venezuela Pavilion
Venezuela Pavilion covers an area of 3,000 square meters in Zone C of the Expo site. It will showcase urban equality as well as developing nations’ attention to urbanization.

The pavilion will look like a figure 8 – an auspicious number in both China and Venezuela – and depict many traditional aspects of the country’s history and culture with the theme "A Better Life, a Better City."

The concept adopted for the Venezuelan pavilion is based on the belief that cities cannot aspire to be truly great places to live until they first address the problems and shortcomings that adversely affect the lives of their citizens.

It also acknowledges the legacy of the country's indigenous people, reproducing the style of a number of ethnic residences, such as the "Shapono Yanomami" ("forest villages") or the "Churuata Yekuana" (the traditional homes of the Yekuana tribe).

It also reflects the life style of the country's contemporary rural communities, celebrating the continued co-existence with the natural world.

Nor has it ignored the life experiences of the country's burgeoning numbers of urban dwellers, opting to represent them through the most emblematic public space in any Venezualan city - the Plaza Bolivar, a traditional setting for debates, chance meetings or a deliberate rendezvous.

The pavilion seeks to offer visitors an insight into the disparate lifestyles of the people of Venezuela. Underpinning this is a belief that, despite the many facets of this progressive 21st century South American nation, its citizenry remains united by a common belief in the need for solidarity, peaceful coexistence, balance and respect for the environment - universal concepts vital for the future of cities throughout the world.