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Pakistan Pavilion

Pakistan Pavilion
The Pakistan Pavilion will face the China Pavilion. It will create a replica of the Lahore Fort which is an iconic symbol of the city of Lahore at the 2010 World Expo.

The fort is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. It is the cultural capital and heart of modern Pakistan. The building dates back to the year 1025AD and was redesigned in 1566AD.

The Pavilion is themed “harmony in diversity” and will display the culture, tradition, history and modernity of Pakistan. It covers an area of 2,000 square meters. Its ground-breaking ceremony was held today.

Visitors to the pavilion can experience a typical Pakistani citizen’s life by visual and multimedia presentations. The pavilion will perform some traditional dances. And you can enjoy Pakistani cuisine here served by a traditional Pakistani restaurant.

Besides, there will be a special section in the pavilion, which will be dedicated to strengthen the relationship between Pakistan and China.

Pakistan hoped to display its strength and practice in building a harmonious city, Masood Khan said, ambassador of Pakistan to China as well as the commissioner general for Pakistan for Expo 2010.