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China Pavilion

China Pavilion
The outline of China Pavilion is called “Oriental Crown”, which introduces the traditional Chinese wooden structure element, Dougong bracket, with a history dating back more than 2,000 years. The 56 brackets used in the roof symbolized the 56 minority ethnic groups in China.

The total construction area of China Pavilion is 160,000 square meters, among which 47,000 square meters for Chinese national pavilion, 38,000 square meters for Regional joint pavilion and 3,300 square meters for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan pavilion. And cities in the joint pavilion have 600-square-meter space. China Pavilion is 63 meters tall, triple the height of any other pavilion.

China Pavilion has a "core exhibition area" on the top floor, an "experience area" on the second and a "functional area" on the first. The pavilion focuses on Chinese achievements in urban development from ancient to modern times. The elevators looking like trains carrying China’s migrant workers to urban town will firstly take visitors to the top of the pavilion, where visitors will see a film “The Migration of Hundreds of Millions”. Other exhibitions on the top floor will showcase the conditions of modern Chinese cities, the wisdom that the ancient Chinese used to tackle urban problems and China's future strategy for urban development. Paintings by children will illustrate the possible future look of cities. The "experience area" will feature interactive games which invite visitors to plan Chinese cities. The "functional area" will exhibit new technologies that will contribute to a better life.